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At Pixela Films, we take a personal and customized approach to video production for brands and organizations. We’re not your typical cookie-cutter studio. Instead, we believe in close collaboration with our clients, getting to know their unique voice and vision. We work hand in hand, building themes and stories that truly represent their identity and make a statement. From creative development to production, editing, and post-production, we infuse each step with our dedication to creating content that deeply resonates with target audiences. With our team’s expertise and passion, we ensure that every project receives the individual attention it deserves, resulting in impactful videos that leave a lasting impression.

Sam Adams Utopias

Boston Beer

Dave Wells

“Pixela is THE team you want on the ground with you. The entire process is fun, energetic and positive. They work as hard for your projects as you do. The final result is always beautiful, professional, and with more heart than you imagined possible. These are master storytellers and teammates.”

We’ve been working with longtime clients and friends at Sam Adams on a series of special releases, timeless classics, and fresh new remixes. Our most recent project took that one step farther as we helped support an interactive website with short films for one of their most revolutionary beers. From idea to craftsmanship to storyline, our collaboration with the Sam Adams creative team captured the depth and details of Utopias from vision to final product.

SNHU Global Education Movement

Global Education Movement at SNHU

Dr. Chrystina Russell

“Working with Jon and team has beyond exceeded our expectations of what we could capture to tell our story. Their empathetic and creative approach brought new ideas while helping us stay authentic to our identity.”

Beginning in 2018 SNHU’s GEM needed a way of sharing student stories and documenting the transformative work being done on a first of its kind refugee higher education program. Our multi-year approach to this project has had our team working across six different countries creating empowering and impactful photos, video, and podcast content.

Cricket Wireless

Creative Director at YAH Agency

Greg Grantham

“They share your vision from the start, push your story into new places, elevate every aspect of the production, nail budgets, and somehow still overdeliver. Give Pixela the greenlight today.”

We had the pleasure of doing an east coast tour with Cricket Wireless and YAH Ad Agency visiting various cities to find out how clear communication can help with everyday life.

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