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Lovin’ Spoonfuls

Lovin’ Spoonfuls Brand Video

We’ve partnered with Lovin’ many times over their ten-year history, and their important work has never been so critical. Through education and relief efforts, Lovin’s work is a vital resource to communities in need within the Greater Boston area. In 2020, alongside the increased need for their efforts, our work adapted to Lovin’s growth throughout the pandemic as we focused on brand videos and virtual events.


DirectorJon Mercer and Tim O’Donnell

EditorAfi Goncalves

ClientLovin’ Spoonfuls

“It is such a genuine experience with Pixela. Everything about working with Jon and Tim is representative of a fantastic final product. They tell real stories, in an honest and compelling way – and for us, given people unique access into our work in a personal and creative way. This company is the real deal.”

Ashley Stanley

Lovin Spoonfuls

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