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Sam Adams Utopias

Sam Adams Utopias

We’ve been working with longtime clients and friends at Sam Adams on a series of special releases, timeless classics, and fresh new remixes. Our most recent project took that one step farther as we helped support an interactive website with short films for one of their most revolutionary beers. From idea to craftsmanship to storyline, our collaboration with the Sam Adams creative team captured the depth and details of Utopias from vision to final product.


DirectorTim O’Donnell

EditorSamuel Oldmeadow

ClientSamuel Adams

“Pixela is THE team you want on the ground with you. The entire process is fun, energetic and positive. They work as hard for your projects as you do. The final result is always beautiful, professional, and with more heart than you imagined possible. These are master storytellers and teammates.”

Dave Wells

Boston Beer

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    25 Dec 2020


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